Monday, October 24, 2011

Things that embellish

One Favorite Thing:
Earring inspiration

There is something so infinitely sexy about earrings on a woman. I recently took note of two earring types from some of my favorite television characters and plan to incorporate these sassy looks into my jewelry habit.

Gloria on Modern Family rocking bright, chunky chandelier earrings:

I found a similar pair at BaubleBar for $26. 
I also really like this pair of Roberta Chiarella earrings at MAX & CHLOE for $58.

And Blair on Gossip Girl flaunting Bounkit drop earrings:

Bounkit is beyond fabulous but for those of us who can't yet afford to rock their jewels, here are a few options:

These earrings at BaubleBar, appropriately called Milky Way Drops, are reminiscent of Bounkit's but priced to leave a much smaller dent in your wallet at $36.
This pair of chunky drop earrings from ASOS is pretty fab at $22.
These drop earrings from BaubleBar are very glam & priced at $120.

And if you wish to dream, just visit Bounkit's website.

So beautiful. Swoon.

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  1. love big earrings! they are so sexy!