Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things at Goodwill

One Favorite Thing:
Vintage Lamp at Goodwill

One of my favorite past times is digging through the bins & racks at Goodwill. A recent trip unearthed this fabulous vintage lamp, which I outfitted with a chocolate-colored faux ostrich lampshade.

Too fun. What finds have you uncovered at thrift stores?


  1. Cute lamp! =)

  2. love the lamp!


  3. Cool lamp! My latest find was a men's sweater originally made in Italy. It's pretty amazing and for $2 you can't really beat that!


  4. My favorite finds at Goodwill and other thrift stores: Cashmere. I'm addicted. And thank goodness I moved back from California! My sweaters missed me :-)

    Oh, and of course my gorgeous yellow and rose gold Italian eternity bracelet.

  5. Thanks all! Cortnie, $2 for a vintage Italian men's sweater is too good to be true! :) Darcy, fall would not be complete without sweaters. So happy you're back in Bellingham! Great idea about looking for cashmere at Goodwill ... I'm going to keep my eyes peeled next time I'm there.