Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things that change

One Favorite Thing:
New locks

All right, I'm calling on all you fashionable, fun & sassy people out in the blog-o-sphere .... should I or shouldn't I cut my hair? Right now, I have long, slightly wavy brown hair. Below is a picture taken just a couple weeks ago.

And it's been this way for years. The last time I've had anything but long, wavy hair was about four years ago. I'm ready for a change. But conflicted, because I know that natural long hair is fabulous. What do you think about a short-medium bob? 

I would want the cut to be long & sleek on one side and have shorter layers on the other. I wouldn't go short enough to where you could see my hairline on the back of my neck, probably just short enough that the long part on one side would graze my collar bone. What do you think?? Should I take the plunge? Or will I regret it?

Photos: Zimbio & Voila (Rihanna & Lauren Conrad)


  1. i would totally do rihanna's or LC's hair. i think with your face shape those cuts will totally compliment you!!

    i acutally cut 12 inches off my hair in may so i totally know what your going through. i love your blog! were doing a quick giveaway of an insane necklace/pocketwatch, would totally fit your style. hope you have time to stop by :)

    love kat

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Kat! That must have taken a lot of courage to cut off 12" of hair!! It makes my heart pound just a little thinking about it :) Love the necklace!! I entered to win. Thanks for thinking of me!

    xx Breanna

  3. Those cuts really frame the face and look so stylish!

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  4. I recently (well, in August) chopped 7" off my hair to a long bob. Mine is curly/wavy. I love it! I can still pull it up/back, but it's so much lighter!